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Good Design Puts People First


We are a design and innovation consultancy, skunkworks and seed venture incubator helping clients devise game-changing Branding, Marketing and Corporate strategies and guide in the creation of innovative, user-optimized products, systems and interfaces from inception and design, through engineering and development, to production, distribution and launch. Expertise in digital marketing and digital transformation, mobile and wireless, social media, collaborative development. We conduct recognized industry marketing studies and create impactful digital marketing initiatives for our clients to enhance lead generation, conversion and upselling efforts.

We are also the company behind SaraConnects Interactive Radio – personalized on-demand audio to any phone, any time, anywhere. SaraConnects artificial intelligence is also the ideal platform to deliver the Internet to the NEXT five billion currently offline mobile users, truly connecting the world.


SARA enables immediate and frictionless access to Information for every human on the planet using technology they already possess and understand. SARA is an interactive – and learning – assistant. With nearly 7 billion telephones in circulation around the globe, the platform is instantly as pervasive as terrestrial radio. Click PLAY to listen to me discuss the vast opportunities of SaraConnects with Chuck Jaffe on Money Life Radio.


“What AnyWare Radio does best is introduce paradigm-breaking innovation and perspective in approaching our clients’ problems and their customers’ problems. We have a track record of highly successful, cutting edge implementations.”

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SARAConnects Interactive Radio. Connect the World.


“In the 21st century, countries cannot be successful unless their citizens have access to the internet” – Barak Obama, 44th President of the United States





EVERY PHONE A smartphone. no data plan, No broadband Required.

Compatible with all devices & Infrastructure
A phone call or text connects to SARA
Affordable access to mobile services
Double-to-triple the size of your current mobile audience
Your audio content on a dedicated to audio platform
Personalized and On-demand


SARAConnects makes every telephone a smart internet device

universal browser brings THE web to all phones.

No Waiting – Deploy with Today’s Infrastructure
Any Device – Nothing New To Buy
No Data Plan Or Broadband Required
Literacy Optional – Audio, Voice & Touch
Qwerty Not Required
Display Not Required
Familiar User Experience
Personalized news, education & information


Anyware Radioprognetix

Mobility, Strategy & Innovation. AnyWare Radio guides clients in creating novel, user-optimized interfaces, products and services from inception through engineering and development to production and rollout. We advise and collaborate on strategic and tactical aspects including image development, branding, user experience, product design & launch, marketing, mobile technology and social media.

Robert Sztybel’s career has been devoted to harnessing technology to enhance humanity and the mobile lifestyle. He was part of the original IBM team that created and introduced ThinkPad to the world. His product designs helped transform Targus Group from carrying case maker to mobile accessories leader. He holds two degrees from Penn’s prestigious Management & Technology program and is founder and author of the patents underlying SARACONNECTS. He is also founder of Second Skin, a skunkworks venture soon to launch.


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