SaraConnects Artificial Intelligence to Connect Everybody

Meet Sara

Meet Sara

Raise your hands if you’re still waiting for access to the internet.

I authored two issued US patents for an audio content distribution system built around artificial intelligence and optimized for regular telephony. There are as many mobile telephones in circulation as there are people, but only a fifth of those are smartphones capable of interacting with the web. This limitation is man-made and I am setting out to correct this problem with SARA.

SARA  is a SMART AUDIO RECOGNITION AGENT and the only mobile web browser accessed via simple voice call or text and compatible with every telephone on earth.  With SARA anybody with a phone can connect to the internet and their own personalized audio content from anyplace voice service is present. Anywhere on Earth. Only terrestrial radio rivals mobile telephony’s reach and penetration; SARA promises to disrupt the way the world consumes mobile audio content and information.

SARA is cloud-based artificial intelligence and your personal guide to Interactive Radio. SARA is a learning, piracy-proof, web-by-phone browser optimized for audio, a twelve-button touchtone keypad, and voice control. Can you help me to change the world and connect all seven billion of us?

UPDATED AUGUST 1, 2017: Listen to me discussing the mission of SaraConnects with Chuck Jaffe on his Money Life Radio Show right here:


Most of our planet’s inhabitants are not connected to the web